I am often asked, "Where can I find quality Single Men". 

It's one of the most asked questions by relationship minded single women I work with. 

There are a few elements to the answer, which all link together to create more effortless ways to inspire connection from quality men. 

Before identifying a few overlooked places to explore, it's important to be conscious of three keys to inspiring connection. Without these, regardless where you go, you're not likely to see, meet or be approached by quality men. 

Three Keys To Meeting Quality Men



1.  There isn't One Perfect Place that all Quality Single Men can be found, and fortunately, they're everywhere.

The first and probably the most important thing to consider is that that there isn't one magic place that you will find and connect with quality single men.  

You can meet quality single men, everywhere, and there are of course better quality, places than others to consider, which I'll come onto in a moment. 

You're likely to be crossing paths, with good quality men on a daily basis, in the most unexpected places, more regularly than you realise.

In coffee shops, in the supermarket, bars, networking events, airports, on public transport.  I've met men out of the blue, even at a bus stop during one London tube strike, and we talked for over an hour on our way to work. 

If you're contracted, have closed body language, look down, avoid eye contact and are usually rushing to get to your next location on time, it's unlikely you're going to see people around you, especially men, and when they notice you.  

I encourage you to begin noticing, the people around you everywhere you go by leaning back, slowing down, in between appointments, and going from A to B.  

Make a conscious effort, to look up and around, make eye contact and engage. It's good practice to do this anywhere, without the sole intention of looking out for men.  

You want to avoid, having an "agenda" like this, which is easily detected and a turn off for quality men. 

Your body language, warmth and approachability should be natural and authentic with everyone you talk to.

The opposite is to ignore everyone, and suddenly "come alive" when a nice looking man is around. We see this all the time, and yes, it does get attention from men, and not necessarily the quality man you want to meet.  This emits more of a desperate vibe.  

When you're sincerely open, kind, warm, quality men notice you even before you may notice him. 


2. Thinking how to "Find" a man adds unnecessary pressure on you and comes from a place of lack. 


When you're out, do you notice how some people are approached instead of others and asked directions, the time, or somehow engage in small talk effortlessly?  

The people who are approached aren't necessarily the closest in proximity, to the person who wants help. It's the people who appear relaxed, open, warm, friendly, and approachable. This is a universal quality that appeals to all people, and to quality men also.  

This applies to connecting with quality men, and shouldn't be reserved for a night out with your girlfriends. 

This is why some women, are approached more than others wherever they go. 

With that said, I encourage you to avoid thinking about "finding" a man.  It comes from a masculine energy place, as it's a "doing" action, like "hunting" rather than being in your feminine receiving energy.   

You definitely need to have a proactive and consistent process to create opportunities to meet quality men and inspire attraction in them, that's where you use your masculine planning energy. 

Then in practice, you replace the idea and energy of "finding" a quality man, with the intention to create connections, and inspire interest from quality men wherever you go.   

Your significant power and influence lie in your effortless feminine, open, warm, engaging, lighthearted, receptive energy. 

This is key for quality men to notice you wherever you are. 

This should be a genuine natural vibe you convey in contrast to your masculine energy.  A quality man can identify the difference between overt attention needing energy, and your sincere, elegant and quiet confidence. 

3. Quality Men want to approach, but sometimes need a gentle nudge from you.


Quality masculine energy men will make the first move. They also occasionally need a subtle invitation,to feel safe to talk to you. 

It's a mistake to assume this is a weakness. It's evolutionary that he will respond to your perceived receptivity. 

Research has found, that your initial cues, may not be noticed until they are more obvious to him.   

He will observe and find the opportunity,through your body language and openness, which is where you can help him.  

To avoid missing these chances to connect, it's as simple as smiling, asking him a question, or for help, or just saying "Hi, how are you?" without attachment to an outcome.  

Without practising the above keys, you're not likely to connect to great single men you're crossing paths with on a daily basis.  

The Overlooked Places You can Meet Quality Men 

While I mentioned you can meet quality men everywhere. If the places you're going to are limited, so are your chances. 

You want to approach this by thinking about where your ideal man is likely to be during the week, socialise and spend his time on weekends and special holidays. 

A common mistake is thinking about this from your point of view, and where you like to go. 

If your community is small, it's worthwhile, expanding your reach to increase your opportunities also. 

It's important to remember that your future ideal partner, may not share all the same interests as you, and he doesn't need to.  

He may love cycling or hiking every Sunday, and you prefer spending time with your family. It doesn't mean you aren't compatible in the most significant ways.   ( I've written about this here). 

Bars and Singles events are the most thought of. They will have a high volume of men and women, but the chances of quality connections happening are lower, as there's more " competition.

And feeling as though you have to compete for a man's attention isn't appealing or necessary as there are many untapped place to try. 

Infact Eharmony reported that only 2% of couples meet at a bar 

By expanding your sense of curiosity to try new places quality men are likely to spend their time, and practising the keys above, your chances of connecting with men will increase effortlessly.  

Set the Intention to Say Yes and try at least 2-5 New locations a week or month depending on your schedule. 

I encourage you to try a few of these alone also. Or if you're meeting friends at a venue, try arriving a little earlier. 

Uncommon Places to Mingle to be Found by Quality Men 

1. Free and paid, Business Conferences, Seminars and Exhibitions, Galleries. 

where to meet quality men

2. Quality Sporting clubs Events, tournaments, competitions.

3. Social networking Events & Parties at high-end quality venues.

4. Adult education creative classes:  Photography, Art, Business, IT  

5. Quality Coffee Shops, Wine Bars, Restaurants during "happy after work hours" in Business districts in your location


6. Nature Activities. Parks- Dog parks if you have one. I know a couple who crossed paths walking their dogs in the park. The beach, hiking, golf, walking and running  clubs. Consider trying new sporting activities that interest you. 

7. Allow your trusted friends, and family to help you if they understand your type. 

8. Work networking opportunities. 

9. Quality Male orientated whiskey, cigar, wine bars

10. Upscale Hotel bars, and events: especially where conferences and seminars are taking place. 


11. Generally following your passions, and interests creates connections with like-minded men and women. Don't forget, women, and men have single male relatives, friends, and colleagues, which is another reason to engage with everyone. You never know what doors those connections will open.

Whether you belong to a theatre group, running or tennis club. The enthusiasm and love you have for your passions and interests are naturally magnetic and attractive. So ensure you do invest time nurturing those. 

12. Quality ONLINE relationship orientated sites. If you're not on quality sites already, you're missing out on an impactful, low effort way to instantly connect with hundreds of quality relationship-minded men.   


Your Turn. 

Which five new places will you try in the next two weeks? 

If you're not using Online Dating, which one will you try first? 

Where are you avoiding going to create more opportunities to connect with quality men? 

Implementing these steps consistently will create new opportunities for you to connect with quality men hoping to meet you. 

How to Inspire Connection

To feel confident about how to inspire connection and how to flirt effortlessly when you do meet potential matches, you will love my interview with Dating Expert and Flirtologist, Jean Smith. She is the Founder and Author of Flirtology- Stop swiping, Start Talking and Find Love. ( www.flirtology.com)Listen to her smart insights based on science here



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