44 Things Love Smart Women practice to attract a healthy Relationship

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and coaching some of the most interesting, vibrant, smart, successful women over the last few years.

They’re business, academically & socially smart, and the mums well let's call them mummy smart as well as all the other smarts. They have great lives and feel the missing piece is meeting a loving partner to enhance it. 

That’s where I come in; I help them prepare for their new relationship and how to date in our modern dating culture feeling empowered and confident, not like its hard work, and frustrating. 

You see, I don’t believe Dating is enough.  I see many people dating “blind” and hoping for the best, but they continue to go round in cycles of harmful dating habits, patterns, and disappointing short-lived relationships. 

Our Digitally Dominated Dating World, not to mention the sky-high divorce statistics have changed the game.

That means the way people used to connect and meet each other effortlessly 10, 15 ago, needs an upgrade and a more conscious effort.   

To be dating savvy and LoveSmart, it's vital to adjust and refine your approach so that you attract and have the relationship you want and deserve.  

I’ve supported and guided my clients to embrace and practice key qualities, and high-value actions that have led them to shift and uplevel their dating lives. I had to learn these myself. 

They are meeting and enjoying relationships with high-quality commitment-minded men now, compared to not dating, or investing time and energy in men who weren't right, flaky and not a match of substance. 

When you begin embracing and practising these one step at a time, you will change the trajectory of your Dating Life, and like my clients start connecting with quality, commitment-minded lovely men.   (Read their stories here )

Here are 44 practices that I've noticed make women LoveSmart as well as smart, and successful in all the other areas of their lives.  

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What LoveSmart Women Do and Don't Do. They.. 

1.    Don’t settle for less than their definition of their Dream Relationship.

2.    Are rocking Single life. 


3.    Know that being single isn’t an inferior relationship status. It’s the new “normal” hello! 

4.    Believe in love and that their Ideal Partner is out there hoping to meet her.

5.    Have a growth Mindset, are curious about life, love, and adapt and are flexible when they need to be to achieve their heart goals.  

6. Don't need a man, but they know sharing a secure, happy, loving, fun relationship with their ideal partner will enhance their happiness and joy.  

7.  Love, honour and value themselves first, in life and each season of their relationship journey.

8.  Know they deserve to be loved for who they are, because they are enough and then some for the right man!


9. Respect and express their feelings and needs with love

10. Keep healthy, happy boundaries because its love based (blog about healthy boundaries here )

11. Accept their imperfections and flaws and those of others. Its real, honest and beautiful. Striving for Perfection is an unhealthy condition.

12. Aren’t waiting to feel loved or validated by a man, they nurture that within first. 

13. Know leaving life and love to chance is a risky game.

14. Maintain their dreams, and individuality and will respect and support their partners even though they may be different.

15. Know that dating in our Modern Culture requires a smart plan of high value selective, consistent actions. They may take a short break to recharge but don’t give up.


16. Don't hunt, chase or overtly peruse men in a needy way. (unless you want to) They're open to surprises, and receptive to genuine connection with people wherever they go, and create opportunities to connect to quality single men they are hoping to meet with a smart plan. 

17. Have self-efficacy.

18. Know themselves because they cultivate and nurture their inner compass.

19. Come from a position of understanding men, not judging or criticising all of them. They know they're not all the same. 

20. Embody their feminine magnetism in love such as their intuition & receptivity) and balance their masculine strengths effortlessly. They know they need a balance of both to feel whole, and balanced within. (download for ways to ignite your feminine magnetism here )


21. Don't second guess themselves.

22. Trust themselves, and know they’re going to be able to handle communication and relationship setbacks with grace and integrity.

23. Know they can't control anybody else, only themselves and don't even try. 

24. Have clarity about their life and relationship values, goals, needs, and honour and live them. They know they have to be what they want to attract (you might like this guide to help you gain clarity here )

25. Understand that they and men fall in love and communicate differently and respect the differences. 

26. Don’t expect people or men to read their minds.


27.  Understand love fears are natural, and without taking smart risks despite them they won’t attract Love. (fearless dating guide here )

 28. Understand they attract a mirror of how they feel inside about themselves. 

29. Are resilient and rejection-proof. They are smart navigators of our modern dating world and have the know how to manage inevitable setbacks and disappointments with ease.  

30. Know when to walk away from an unhealthy relationship or partner in a dignified, respectful way because Love alone isn't enough.

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31. Give from a full cup. They fill themselves up, maintain their own energy and replenish as they need to. 

32. Know their mind, they’ll listen to feedback, opinions, and filter out opinions and advice from others that don’t serve them.

33. They have an optimistic, hopeful outlook. 

34. Have an open heart and balance both heart and mind until she connects deeply with the right man.

35.  Don’t over-give without receiving.

36. Don’t compare themselves to other women or compete with them,  because they value, respect and love their qualities, strengths, flaws and weaknessess.

37.    Know how not to take themselves too seriously all the time, appreciate and laugh at their quirks and habits. 


38.  Don’t make assumptions or judge men based on their past relationship filter. The past doesn't dictate future relationship success and happiness. 

39. Know that what other people think of them is based on their worldview, opinions, and judgments. They don’t justify or defend themselves to people who don’t care enough to know and value them genuinely.

40. Know when something isn’t working its’ time for a different approach to achieve their heart goals. 

41.  Aren't afraid to feel vulnerable.

42. Practice gratitude and can receive and give compliments and kind gestures without deflecting or feeling indebted to repay it straight away.  


43. Aren’t afraid to prioritise their heart goals and dreams, to keep the trajectory of their lives on track, or to use resources and support to keep moving towards their Dreams. (not dwell on the past, only learn from it)

44. Appreciate life and time is precious and “Waiting for years to be ready” actually means “placing my life and happiness on hold”. We become ready as a direct result of gentle, high-value actions one step at a time 


LoveSmart Women are the kind that quality relationship-minded men will feel so good being around and are hoping to meet, and it's only a matter of time, with the right mindset, and by taking high value actions that you'll be discovered and in a committed relationship with your ideal partner. 

This doesn't mean it's easy, or will happen as fast as you'd like. So keep honouring yourself, maintain the momentum, and enjoy you and your life in the meantime. 

Now over to you, 

I'd love to know what you do that I haven't mentioned, or would like to be added to the LoveSmart Women Blueprint? 

Reply in the comments and let me know. 

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Maria x

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