How to Celebrate Valentine's when you're single and why you should

You may feel that self-love is an overused and possibly cliche expression, but it’s essential to our emotional and physical well being, and it’s now proven by this most recent study. The study conducted by the University of Exeter and Oxford shows that being kind to yourself has mental and physical benefits. Without it, you will inevitably experience more difficulty to allow love into your life.

This is a crucial element in my Love.Smart Coaching programme, and being smart in love begins with how we consistently value, respect and honour ourselves and our needs first.

This is the perfect time to reflect and up-level your self-love habits, and in this guest blog, the lovely Michelle Peterson, founder of Recovery shares her ideas for being your own Valentine if you’re single this year. Over to Michelle.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovebirds. After my divorce two years ago, I didn’t want to ignore the holiday so I decided to turn it into a self-care day. I went to a museum and stopped by my favourite cafe. That night, I read a good book and wrote in my journal. 

It ended up being one of the most pleasant, stress-free days I’d had in awhile, and as I’m currently single, I’m looking forward to doing it all over again this year!

As someone who’s also in addiction recovery, I’ve learned Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful time to check in on your mental health. I want to inspire other singles to see it the same way! 

Being single at any holiday can be challenging in some respects, but it’s all in how you look at it.  While Valentine’s Day is traditionally thought of as a day for couples, it’s the perfect time for celebrating the most important person in your life - you!  Be sure to do something special for yourself. Here’s how to do that without overspending.

Time to treat yourself to that thing you want

Small indulgences are a wonderful treat, but why not kick up your heels a bit this Valentine’s Day?  This can be the perfect time to get that special something you set your heart on a while back but couldn’t justify purchasing, or put off so you could afford gifts during the holidays.  If your TV is outdated, you’re craving a new tablet, or a smart speaker is calling your name, you can save big bucks on electronics and other bigger ticket items by checking out big box stores; you can use Target coupons or check out Walmart's current deals.  It’s a smart way to add that just-out-of-reach item to your life, without blowing your budget.

Enjoy dining out

An evening out can be refreshing and fun, especially if you’re a single parent.  Friends and family members might have other things going on, but why not hire someone to watch your kiddos and get out on the town for a while?  Thanks to resources on the web, finding a trustworthy, responsible, and qualified babysitter close by is simpler than ever.  Of course, with a popular calendar date you need to plan ahead, since the best sitters get taken quickly. Look for someone you feel comfortable with, and, as Verywell Family points out, don’t hesitate to schedule a meet-and-greet to interview candidates.  Once you find the perfect sitter, plan your night out!  Look around to see which restaurants are offering holiday deals or that have fixed price menus. You can enjoy a great meal and sip an adult beverage while enjoying some “me” time.

Taking care of number one- You!

A little bit of self-care can go a long way.  Consider putting together your own pampering package for a spa-like celebration.  Soak in the lap of luxury with products that are not only enjoyable, but also kind to the environment and gentle on your body.  Everyday Health notes fragrance-free skin care selections are especially kind during harsh winter weather.  Burt’s Bees is a perfect example, and they offer something for everyone.  Assemble products for a pedicure, give yourself a refreshing facial, or take away the harsh effects of the season with restorative, head-to-toe skin care.  

A gift that keeps on giving

Good nutrition is a cornerstone for health, but in our busy world it’s tempting to grab what’s convenient and quick.  If you find yourself hitting the drive-through or eating frozen dinners a little more than you’d like, consider adding a healthy meal subscription service to your lifestyle.  It’s an efficient way to get good nutrition, and choosing a variety of meal options keeps things interesting. Blue Apron offers discounts off their packages and a broad selection, with everything from vegetarian meals to dinners for four.  You’ll look forward to your menu, cut grocery outings, boost efficiency, and engage an ongoing, nutritious diet, all in one fell swoop.  

Get out of town

When is the last time you took a trip?  Going for an adventure can revitalize your outlook, and you don’t need to spend a bundle to do it.  Consider celebrating Valentine’s day in a National Park.  It’s the off-season, but there is still plenty to see and do, from hiking, to sightseeing, to just engaging with nature.  If nature isn’t your thing, plan a trip to a shopping mecca, or take in some museums.  Wherever you go, you can stretch your travel budget by using sites like Hotelscombined or even AirBnB to ensure you have fun and save money.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate yourself.  Indulge in something that feels great, but doesn’t break your budget.  With a little planning, this can be the best Valentine’s Day you ever had.

Share with us what you will do to pamper yourself this Valentines Day in the comments below.

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Best Maria

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