If you're busy and demanding life is holding you back from achieving your aspirations, dreams, and purpose, you're in the right place. 

I'm here to support you to get on track, create a clear achievable roadmap, clear the clutter that's in the way, and support you to start taking bold steps forward towards achieving your secret goals, that you you may not even have shared with anybody yet.  You may have reached a point now, that by not following up and achieving your goals, is now impacting on your overall joy and fulfillment in life.

You maybe demotivated, stagnating, going round in circles or lacking clarity, time, knowhow or confidence about how to move forward. 

Whether that's in your Career, Relationship, Health and Wellness, Time and Money Freedom, Personal Growth and Development, Social life or finally actualizing that dream you've always had. 


Are you telling yourself...

  • I don't have the time or money, but I'll make a change soon /next month/some day.
  • I should have done this already.
  • I already know what to do, I just need to start doing it.
  • I don't need support, I can do it alone.
  • The circumstances aren't right now, so I can't do anything yet.
  • I don't know exactly what I want yet, I'll wait until I know.
  • I'll work on it when I find time.


If you recognise yourself having similar thoughts again and again, and feel tired or bored now of just talking about wanting to do, be and have more but not progressing month after month, or year after year then I can help you. 

You maybe succeeding in many areas of your Life which most people are, And want to take your happiness and success to the next level and do even better. I can support you to accelerate your development also. 

I will help you shake things up, and support you to move forward fast. Do you want to


  • Make a Big Change in your lifesmoothly: New Job/Career, Starting a New Business, Being Single and Dating again or gaining clarity about the next chapter of your life.
  • Build your Confidence to take more chances and risks in your life 
  • Improve the quality of your Relationships: Partner, Family, Friends, Manager, Colleagues
  • Manage your Time: Overcoming procrastination, work/life balance, becoming more organised
  • Create a happier Life Balance: In your Career, Business, and/or  Personal Life
  • Gain Clarity and knowing what you Want in Life: Gaining clarity about what you are motivated by and want in Life to be happy and fulfilled. 
  • Finally kick those Habits that keep sabotaging you and hold you back from fulfilling much more success and happiness. 

Well, my personal mission and passion is to support you to ignite your personal power and turn that around, so that you achieve your true goals and aspirations.On your Terms. 

You may be ready and have absolute clarity about what you want to achieve, and where you're going, but feel overwhelmed and unsure how to focus on the right priorities and take consistent action to gain momentum. 


These transitions in life, are normal and can be overwhelming at times without the right professional support to take your Life and Happiness to the next level, which you deserve. 


Coaching is like a lifestyle MOT, everyone should try it at least once and re-visit it from time to time to maintain your trajectory. 

Coaching with Maria is a safe space of non-judgement that encourages you to explore becoming the best version of yourself. You come to realise that the answers to your fulfilment and achieving them, are within you, which is incredibly empowering.


    Why Coaching is a Powerful intervention to support you in Achieving your Relationship and Life Goals

    It's simple to decide what we want!  Most of us have our dreams.

    But only 8% of people actually do reach their goals.  

    In fact scientific research tells us that that despite our best intentions 92% of people who have ambitions and goals don't actually achieve them.  

    This includes people who create their goals, then lose track and abandon them, and those who only think about what they want, and don't put it into action.  

    Whether that's in our Careers, Relationships, Health and Wellness, Time and Money Freedom, Personal Growth and Development (i.e. more confidence, skills) or Fun 

    (more answers to your coaching questions here) 


      How I  guide and support your Transformation as your Coach 

      Essentially I support you in empowering yourself to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, more effectively and efficiently than if you were doing it alone.

      The benefits are:

      • You become very clear about what you truly want
      • Uncover the answers and decisions right for you
      • Take the right informed action for you, to create lasting change, success and happiness in your life. 

      How I do it

      When we work together, I ask empowering questions; apply tried and tested coaching tools, strategies, exercises and share proven insights based on research, which enable you to establish your own answers and take the decisions best for you.

      There isn't a fixed formula for you.  The best tools and strategy is applied according to how you like to be coached, your values, learning style, personality and for you to get the results you want. I value your individuality, celebrate it and I adapt to your preferences, to ignite your results.   

      I initially trained as a Life Coach in 2005  with the Coaching Academy- UK. I continued my training in Disc Personality Profiling, and certified as a Self Esteem Elevation Coach. I continue to learn every day. 

      I feel passionately about it being the right solution orientated support for many of us.  Infact I wish I worked with a coach in my early 20's. 

      I've been practicing my skills for years in my first career as a Human Resources Professional internationally, and now in my Life, Dating and Confidence Coaching business where I apply my on going learning, hundreds of hours of training, professional and  life experience to matters of the heart.  My favourite kind! 

      It is by far the most rewarding work I have done in my life. Working with a life Coach to support me with my career and personal goals was also one of the best investments I ever made, and continue to work with a coach today.

      Our Coaching Relationship 

      Our coaching relationship is geared towards me gently challenging and stretching you to make the shifts you want.  

      It's practical, future focussed, solution and action orientated which makes for a dynamic process. 

      Results are often achieved within shorter time spans than other therapies. 

      The beauty of Life Coaching is we get to the root of what you want and move forward. We don't dwell on the past, or spend a long time talking without action. 

      Coaching can be so effective that as long as you want to make those changes, and take action, you will experience significant shifts towards achieving your results in a few short weeks of working together.  

      The number of sessions may vary depending on you, and your goals. I have three main Coaching Packages to compliment your needs. I share these with you at the end of your Complimentary Clarity Coaching Call which you can schedule here

      Ultimately You are accountable for your own results. You have to do the Work., and as your Coach I support you in doing what you've decided is right for you to achieve them.  

      I know you can do it and you just need to too! 

      I provide that on-going support, and guidance to keep you on track, and to uncover and overcome any obstacles that may appear along the way. 


      The Practicalities of Getting Started  

      • We have an initial no obligation Consultation, during which we discuss which areas you want to work on and if we are a good Match. There are thousands of great Life Coaches out there. We chat in advance to be sure that we will work together well and you are comfortable with my style.  If you would like to proceed with a course of coaching sessions, we'll then have a more detailed conversation about what you would like to use your coaching sessions for. If you don't know in advance, that's ok. We'll find it!


      • I offer Coaching via Skype / Facetime from the comfort of your own home and in person coaching.  We decide on the regularity and schedule, and then get to work!


      • You'll be asked questions, and listened to in a  completely confidential, respectful, non judgemental and supportive environment. It's all about YOU!


      • You'll discover manageable steps and agree some actions to move you from where you are now to where you want to be. During each coaching session we review, adjust, set new actions until your overall goal is met, keeping a dynamic forward moving momentum.


      Coaching will only be Successful for you If....

      • YOU'RE READY: To invest in yourself and there is a gap between where you are now and where you would like to be.

      • YOU'RE WILLING: To fully commit to the process and taking ACTION towards achieving your goals. And willing to stop or change self defeating behaviours which limit your success and to try new things even if you're not 100% convinced they will work. Otherwise you'll be wasting your time and money which I don't want for you.  

      • YOU'RE ABLE: To be patient and take consistent action towards your goals regardless how immediate the results are. 


      Are you Ready to move out of the convenient comfort zone to make big shifts towards the next level of your personal happiness?   

      Book a no obligation 30 minute call/ skype call to learn more about how you will benefit from coaching and my coaching packages.

      Contact me by completing this initial enquiry form below and let's talk!

      Why wait, another day, month or year to Select and Achieve the Life you Love!