Why Work with a Life Coach to be asked lots of Questions, when it's answers you need? 

We live in a busy and instant culture where giving solutions is the standard response when people have issues they want to resolve. It works brilliantly with many things and has it's purpose

There is an epidemic though, of looking for important personal answers outside ourselves - a quick google search will give you answers to anything in seconds. It can lead to overwhelm, confusion and not trusting your own feelings and instincts, being unsure and misinformed. 

The power of asking you thought provoking questions and you reflecting on those, without outside influences, and the opinions of others, empowers you to discover that you have the answers already about what you need and want.

We then explore all those answers without judgement, and see which ones you want to stick with and take action on. In "real life" someone will give you their opinion about whether its' good or bad or ask why you don't do this instead of that. In coaching you get to explore every angle in a smart way and chose for yourself. 


  • It's only for People who aren't achieving any level of success: Coaching can support you if you're not fulfilling your potential and if you are already doing well and want to do even better


  • It takes a long time to see results: The framework of coaching is that it's dynamic, action and solution orientated. You can make big steps from the first session. You are accountable for implementing the actions, and as your coach I respect your pace whilst still moving you forward.

The Truth About Goals

Hint. We won't fulfill our Purpose or reach our Potential without them!

Scientific Research tells us that that despite our best intentions 92% of people who have ambitions and goals don't actually achieve them.  This includes people who create their goals, then lose track and abandon them, and those who only think about what they want, and don't put it into action.  

The Coaching Partnership is a Dynamic forward moving guided and motivating guided conversation that is the solution to getting you there. 

It's simple to decide what we want!  Most of us have our dreams.

And yet only 8% of people actually do reach their goals.  

Whether that's in our Careers, Relationships, Health and Wellness, Time and Money Freedom, Personal Growth and Development (i.e. more confidence, skills) or Fun

We don't intend not to achieve our goals and ambitions; we usually start each new year or month with every intention to, but our "reality" holds us back. 


You maybe succeeding in many areas of your Life which most people are, And want to take your happiness and success to the next level and do even our coaching partnership helps you to accelerate your development faster than if you were doing it alone . 


Why do Many People not Achieve their Goals 

  • We know we would like to improve some aspects of our lives, but haven't invested time to think about what it is we truly want without limitations. We may have a vague idea,but aren't clear about where to begin and if it's actually possible for us. 


  • Our Goals aren't specific and detailed enough (I want to lose weight, have a relationship, change career, have more work/life balance, be happy, have more confidence, success, money, time). And they're not deconstructed into actionable timely manageable components. Most of the time they're not even written down. (research has proven that simply writing them down increases the likelihood of achieving them by 64%)


  • They're not Motivating us for the right reasons. (I should, need, have to, do something; lose weight, quit smoking, e.t.c.) So we're moving away from something we don't want rather than putting energy into what we do want to have, be and do. Or they're simply not challenging enough as you know you're capable of more. 


  • The goal isn't aligned with our values or core needs. An example would be you "need" to take more qualifications (a goal) to advance your accountancy career, but you hate your job and really want to be a Career Coach!


  • Barriers prevent us from gaining momentum and moving forward.  Some of these are: limiting beliefs, confusion, being stuck, overwhelm, procrastination, resistance to change, fear of failure or success, believing your weaknesses, expecting instant results, dwelling on mistakes, feeling comfortable in "victim" mode, assuming your challenges are unique, over analysing without making decisions 


  • We don't feel we have the skills, resources or confidence to accomplish our goals yet: We are stuck in "waiting" mode. I'll be ready when... I do another course, lose weight, feel better... 


  • We share our dreams with too many friends, and family who are well meaning and care; but may not understand you and your aspirations. They unknowingly negatively influence your enthusiasm due to their own filter and opinions; which are not the same as yours and you are you!


  • We have decided we are "our circumstances" and bigger goals aren't possible


These are just a common few, all of which I've experienced at various points of my life.  There are countless international articles, books, you tube videos on the subject to learn more about setting goals, and why we don't achieve them.

Meanwhile life is passing by and we lose track and don't fulfill our dreams.  

My Role as your Coach

Essentially I support you in empowering yourself to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, more effectively and efficiently than if you were doing it alone.

The benefit is you become very clear about what you truly want, uncover the answers and decisions right for you, and take action to create lasting change, success and happiness in your life. 

I do this by using empowering questions; tried and tested coaching tools and strategies which enable you to establish your own answers and take the decisions best for you.

I don't use the same fixed process for all clients.  The best tools and strategy is applied according to how you like to be coached and for you to get the results you want.   

I initially certified in Life Coaching in 2005  with the Coaching Academy- UK. I continued my studies and soon after trained in the Personal and Professional Diploma, the Executive Coaching Diploma and in conducting Disc Personality Profiling. I've been practicing my skills for years in my  Human Resources career, and now in my Life Coaching and Matchmaking business. It is by far the most rewarding work I have done in my life.  Working with a life Coach to support me with my career and personal goals was also one of the best investments I made. 


Coaching is Not  me telling you What to Do

The word Coach is used for many different roles.

To avoid confusion, and to know what to expect I'd like to clarify that as your Life Coach, I don't tell you what you should be doing, or give you advice on what is best for you.

I help you decide that for yourself! Although some skills maybe similar, my role as your life coach shouldn't be confused with being a Counsellor, a Therapist, a Mentor or Consultant. 

In Life Coaching, the techniques are intended to challenge and stretch you to make the shifts you want. They are future focussed, solution and action orientated and usually results are obtained within shorter time spans than other therapies.

The beauty of Life Coaching is we get to the root of what you want and move forward. We don't dwell on the past, or spend a long time talking without action. 

Coaching is so effective that as long as you want to make those changes, and take action, you will experience significant shifts towards achieving your results in a few short weeks of working together.  

The number of sessions may vary depending on you and your goals. I have three main Coaching Packages to suit the stage of life you are in.

Ultimately You are accountable for your own results. You have to do the Work. As a Life Coach I support you in doing what you've decided is right for you to achieve them.  

I know you can do it and you just need to too! I provide that on-going support, and guidance to keep you on track, and to uncover and overcome any obstacles that may appear along the way. 


What you can expect from Coaching?  

  • We have an initial no obligation Consultation, during which we discuss which areas you want to work on and if we are a good Match.  If you would like to proceed with a course of coaching sessions, we'll then have a more detailed conversation about what you would like to use your coaching sessions for. If you don't know in advance, that's ok. We'll find it!


  • I offer Coaching via Skype from the comfort of your own home,and in Person Coaching.  We can combine all three if that works better for you. We decide on the regularity and schedule, and then get to work!


  • You'll be asked questions, and listened to in a  completely confidential, respectful, non judgemental and supportive environment. It's all about YOU!


  • You'll discover manageable steps and agree some actions to move you from where you are now to where you want to be. During each coaching session we review, adjust, set new actions until your overall goal is met, keeping a dynamic forward moving momentum.


Are You 

  • YOU'RE READY: To invest in yourself and there is a gap between where you are now and where you would like to be.

  • YOU'RE WILLING: To fully commit to the process and taking ACTION towards achieving your goals. And willing to stop or change self defeating behaviours which limit your success and to try new things even if you're not 100% convinced they will work. Otherwise you'll be wasting your time and money which I don't want for you.  

  • YOU'RE ABLE: To be patient and take consistent action towards your goals regardless how immediate the results are. 


Then you're Ready for Coaching! Are you ready to achieve your Goals and Live your Purpose?