It's your time to stand out, and shine, so that your ideal partner can find You! 

Do you feel nervous at the thought of using online dating sites?

Are you online, but not connecting with your "type" of men? 

It's understandable, why you would quickly become discouraged, jaded, and frustrated with it.

I felt that way aswell.

It can be overwhelming navigating the online dating world, and it's why relationship minded women, are still not using quality dating and relationship sites as an opportunity to meet quality men, despite not actively meeting men off line either. 

The truth is, in order to attract love today, an outdated passive, dating plan isn't enough. It needs to be upgraded so that it's aligned with our modern dating world, and how busy relationship-minded Singles are connecting, dating and attracting relationships.


There are many ways, to do this, and one of our options is via quality online sites. 

It's the new normal, to compliment meeting quality men in person. And we know how difficult that is, unless you are consistently going to the right places, and lucky enough to meet them when you're there.

One in Five Singles are now using relationship sites, and 50% of adults know someone who met their partner online.

Perhaps you feel like my client Gemma used to about it

" I had tried online dating over the years, and the men that I was interested in, didn’t appear to be interested in me. My biggest frustration was the lack of decent conversation. I found men just wanted to talk about meeting up for some no strings attached fun.

So overall, found the whole experience really quite negative.

I also used to be slightly embarrassed about the whole ‘dating online’... maybe even felt a little ‘desperate’ as I couldn’t meet people offline.

As a single mum working full time, and now working from home, I don’t have opportunities to meet many men, so my options have always been limited"

I help you to create a quality profile that stands out, so that you feel like Gemma does now. 


" I was dreading the thought of going back online. After being coached by Maria, I am excited to be back out there. I have a new confidence, I know exactly what I want, who I want to attract and who not to waste my time and energy on, when receiving messages from those that don’t fit the profile of the guy I want to have a relationship with.

I have a totally different perspective and mindset now.

A major shift came when developing my profile. Maria helped me realise that I wasn’t writing my profile for the man I wanted to attract. It was too generic, and I was sharing too much, and the tone, and information wasn't the best. Now, I feel so much more confident about my profile, and so happy with it, that I know the person I want to be with, will read it and really want to get to know me more.


I help you to Magnetise Your Presence online and offline

Together we create, or revamp your online dating profile so that it's unignorable, high quality, authentic, stands out, and says I'm here!  

Like you, your ideal potential dates are also looking for particular standards, qualities, care and attention in your profile and communication style. 

Research has found that your profile photo counts for 55%, and your About Me profile, 45% importance to a potential match, and together we make that work to your advantage.

The most difficult part is writing about yourself, and research has found that 22% of online daters have asked their friends to help them write their profiles. 

Having all of these just right, will take you from being invisible and frustrated, to standing out online and making it work for you.   


I simplify that for you. 


Shine Online.jpg

We make it Work for you. Not the other way around. 

These are effective methods which set the strong foundation to your online to offline dating success. 

Here's are the Essentials you'll Master

Step 1 - Create your classy, inviting profile. 

Step 2 -Identify Quality Matches  

Step 3 - Messaging Quality Matches 

Step 4-Selecting Quality Relationship Sites 

Step 5- Taking it Offline


Kick Start your Online Dating Success Journey here! 

The major overarching powerful side effect, is you'll be making dozens of  new connections, and have the resilience and confidence from within, to feel more empowered during your dating journey overall, on and off line.  

Complete the mini questionnaire below as a first step. I'll reply within 24 hours, to arrange a quick introductory skype conversation, and we'll discuss next steps in person. 


Maria has coached me from being someone who was quite nervous about returning to the dating scene, to being a confident and enthusiastic dater.

I initially hoped that her coaching would just get me to a stage where I was much clearer about what I was looking for and how to spot undesirables.

Within 5 weeks, I had created quality profiles on two different dating sites, was receiving huge amounts of likes and messages and had been on 4 dates with three different men. And I’m confident it won’t be long until I find the person I deserve and want to be with for the rest of my life.

Her enthusiasm and confidence in my ability to achieve my goal was infectious,that along with her reflecting evidence of my ability back to me soon increased my confidence.

With Maria's coaching I have surpassed my expectations" Ruth UK.

This is for You too if

  • You're new or returning to online dating, and have resistance to using it.
  • You've been online for a while, and dejected by low level interest and responses. 
  • You are in the 10% of women who closed their accounts after 3 days of joining in the past, because you felt overwhelmed.  
  • You've created a rushed, surface level profile but it doesn't capture the essence of you and doesn't reflect your offline presence.
  • You're not confident about how best to navigate the site, or communicate with matches. 
  • You would like some help to create your profile and select your best photos to use. 
  • You don't know which quality sites are the most suitable for you, other than the free ones.