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Love.Smart Women Live

Love.Smart.Women Live


Love.Smart Women Live

Love.Smart.Women Live

Love.Smart. Women Live  


But don’t miss out on the most effortless coaching to ignite your dating confidence and prepare to navigate our modern dating world with grace and ease! Schedule you lovesmart strategy call with me below

Let 2019 be the year that you attract the Love of your Life

This Love.Smart Day Retreat for Modern, busy Single Women will prepare you from the inside out.

You’ll go from uncertain & demotivated, about how and when you’ll meet a loving life partner to a magnetic Love.Smart Woman who navigates our modern dating world, with confidence, grace and ease.

Hello & Welcome

How would it feel to be in a Happy, Healthy, Easy Relationship with a loving committed, loyal life partner who values and loves you?

I know that as a strong independent women you have a full and happy life, and certainly aren’t desperate to be in a relationship.

It’s an important part of your life though which will enhance your happiness.

But at the moment there are some challenges

  • You’re unsure about how to find a loving, supportive man, who understands you, and has a similar lifestyle and ambitions.

  • You’re demotivated and exhausted with attracting unavailable, uninspiring, noncommittal men who are hot and cold, and disappear or no one at all.

  • You’ve tried everything from being online to being matched by friends and family, and you don’t know what you’re doing wrong or how to change.

  • You feel confused about why you’re alone when you have so much to offer, and didn’t expect to be dating at this stage of your life. 

  • You’re putting yourself out there, but don’t feel seen by men or the ones you’re attracted to.

  • Perhaps you’re  losing confidence in yourself and your ability to meet someone and you're starting to doubt whether he really exists.

 It’s not your Fault. You’re not alone, and you have the power to change your relationship destiny. My clients have experienced all of these situations as have I.

Many women begin to blame all men, themselves, their age or outside circumstances, without recognizing how much influence and power they have to change their results, so they get stuck in a cycle of over-giving to the wrong partners, staying in unhappy relationships or not dating at all.

It’s time to change all that because you deserve it. It’s simpler than you may realise and I can help you.

The truth is

  • You’re so used to being in control, handling your life and and making things happen, that the side effect is you’ve have an over developed masculine side which is needed to take care of yourself, your career, home, family.

    Consequently your magnetic feminine side is neglected and shuts down. Your natural radiance, feminine confidence and availability aren’t shining through to quality men, and that’s what they notice. Our energy is the biggest reason most women are frustrated by the men their meeting or not meeting any at all. Its that powerful.

  • You’ve become so comfortable being independent. You’re used to depending on, protecting and looking out for yourself. The problem with this is that you’ve unconsciously developed a layer of armor that has closed your heart to love. Even though you’re available and putting yourself out there, you’re actually not fully available. Your heart and your body have built up an energetic wall to stay closed off to love and keep you from getting hurt. Instead the message is you don’t need a man. This keeps you stuck attracting unavailable, unimpressive men or no one at all.

  • You’re frustrated that men don’t initiate, step up and pursue you. The problem is most women don’t know or aren’t comfortable being pursued. You're so used to managing things in your life that you’re unconsciously preventing the right quality man’s natural instincts to work.

  • You have niggling or overt judgements about men that are sabotaging you and sending signals that you’re unapproachable preventing men from feeling safe to invest and lose interest.

During our One Day retreat I’ll share exactly how to shift these patterns and habits step by step, so that you ignite your love life effortlessly, date with confidence and ease, and captivate the attention of quality emotionally mature men.

Your magic has worked with me in subtle ways I didn’t even realize. I think the fact that I feel good about myself and happy with greater confidence is apparent and seems to be attracting attention. I have been asked out a couple of times in the last two weeks and complimented by absolute strangers that have even been so bold to ask me out
— Tina

Purchase your Love.Smart Day Retreat Seat, and change the trajectory of your Love Life

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Imagine Understanding men so well they think you're psychic

Advice you’d want your Best Friend to tell you

Imagine Understanding men so well they think you're psychic

Advice you’d want your Best Friend to tell you

Imagine having instant answers to your frustrations, fears and challenges about attracting a meaningful relationship, that we wish we were taught before experiencing heartache.

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I like your Advice. It’s what I’d want my best friend to tell me, and I think a lot of women would be helped by what you’re saying.
— Sarah Fenwick- Founder of the Cyprus News Report & Jazz Singer

The Love.Smart Formula Essentials you will master during our Day Retreat, are underpinned by psychology and research so that you set the strong foundation for love without

  • Compromising your values, standards or goals

  • Losing your individuality or sense of self

  • Losing your sense of freedom

  • Changing who you are, because you are enough

  • Going on endless uninspiring, dates with the wrong men

How does that sound?

I’m dating a man that I met at dance class. He asked me out for a DINNER!! HA ha! We’re been out 4 times for dinner and no Coffee! He shows all the qualities that you have taught me. I feel relaxed with him, safe and he is so caring. He takes all the initiative and I can be myself without stress or overthinking. I wanted to really thank you because you helped me find my real needs and standards and to not negotiate or change them
— Julia




Hi, I’m Maria

A professional Life Coach specialising in supporting Modern, Smart Single Women to prepare for Love from the inside out, and to navigate our modern dating world so that they attract a Happy, Easy, Healthy Relationship without compromising their values, feeling like it’s hard work or second-guessing themselves.

I also dispel common assumptions,about men and women, debunk superficial dating advice that’s inauthentic and manipulative and we have fun in the process.

I do this via coaching framework underpinned by psychology, research and real life experience.

Maria Christie Love & Life Coach
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I believe dating isn’t enough without a strong foundation based on self love, understanding, a powerful mindset, modern dating savvy, and some high value actions (which aren’t the ones you take in your career and daily life). women live 27.10.18.jpg

Why you Need to Spend the Day with me

Love.Smart Live is the only Day Retreat for modern, busy, single women in Cyprus, where you’re given actionable practical formula that you can start implementing immediately to change the trajectory of your Love Life and Attract the Love of your Life in 2019.

You will feel lighter, inspired, understood, supported, and have peace of mind that you’re able to attract the relationship you deserve.

 You will be in an intimate group of amazing like minded women so that you get personalised attention, and the support continues in a secret face book group.

The truth is Single women spend money on things that do nothing to bring you the love and fulfillment you deeply want (clothes , shoes gadgets, beauty which are all wonderful things to do, except you’re no closer to your Relationship goal).

Instead you can invest a small amount to get the mentoring that will re-energise you and your love life.

This is perfect for you if

  • You’re tired of avoiding love, or have dating patterns and beliefs that aren’t serving you.

  • You want to 2019 to be the year your prioritise you as much as your career, social life, family, kids, and anything else getting in the way of nurturing you and your Relationship Life.

  • You’re not willing to allow chance, luck or outside circumstances to determine your Relationship Happiness.

  • You know what you should be doing, but struggle to put it into practice and where to begin.

  • You’re returning to dating again after a while, and would like to feel confident , safe and secure that you’re taking the right steps.


This isn’t Right for You if

  • You have a fixed mindset, rigid opinions versus a growth mindset, and not open to a different perspective, and approach.

  • You prefer to blame others and outside circumstances instead of owning your influence to change your relationship destiny.

  • You don’t believe you will attract love. (this is faulty programming and if you’re open to it, I can help you to replace this belief with a more empowering one)

  • You’re not going to invest time to nurture you and your romantic life.


Your Advice has been Golden, I’m now in a loving happy Relationship, that I’ve never experienced before or imagined was possible
— Andrea

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Our Day together

Our Day together


Here’s How the Day will go.



Setting the Foundation for Love starting with you.

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Practical advice, tips, tools to Elevate and Activate your Dating and Relationship Confidence

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By the end of our day together you will

  • Have laser clarity about your values, needs and relationship goals and how to articulate them without feeling demanding.

  • You’ll ignite a powerful dating mindset and set the daily actions to prepare yourself from inside out to allow love in.

  • Identify and eliminate blindspots and replace habits, patterns that that push love away with empowering daily actions to allow you to be discovered by quality men.

  • Ignite your feminine magnetism from your energy to your body language and how to apply it to your dating life and relationships.

  • Feel confident to lean back and allow a man to persue you.

  • Know the key phases must go through to fall in love, and how to manage your energy, and maintain your high value each step of the way.

  • Understand the proven universal qualities that captivate quality men and deter them.

  • Know how to foster a pressure-free situation for yourself and your date to make room for feelings to grow and to make your partner feel safe to be real and honest. 

  • Know exactly how to manage healthy boundaries and communicate your needs with confidence in the early stages of dating and how and when to express your needs and relationship goal in a way thats respected by the right man.  

  • How to navigate inevitable setbacks without confusion or second guessing yourself

  • Develop self trust and follow your intuition based on specific qualifiers about taking the next steps with your date.

  • How and where to Meet Quality Men  even if you don’t like online dating

  • You’ll create your personalised, dating plan for the next three months in time for the party season to comfortably stretch you out of your comfort zone and have fun dating.

Whats’ included

  • Plenty of Gorgeous homemade organic Snacks, Beverages, and a light  Al Fresco Lunch together

  • A specially designed workbook for your notes

  • Practical examples for each stage of dating to commitment - Roadmap.

  • A safe, non-judgemental, relaxed, welcoming, supportive space to talk honestly and get truthful answers.

  • Connection with like-minded women

  • Confidentiality & Discretion- nobody will know you’re there except the ladies in the group and me.

  • Fun!

What isn’t Included

  • Meditation

  • Visualisation

  • Endless Power point slides

  • Spa or Hotel Accommodation ( you can book those directly with the Hotel)

  • Being forced to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing

First off I have to say I absolutely love her laugh you immediately feel welcome into her world. Her positive and kind approach on the one hand but firmness where necessary empowers and encourages you to meet your goals. Its the best gift I could have given myself
— Natalie

That’s not All. You also get


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Treat yourself.

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Our Retreat Venue

Aelia Wellness Retreat Hotel

Avenue Tseri- - Analiontas, Nicosia

Saturday 27th October, 2018


Ready to Book Love.Smart. Live at the Special Early Booking Price

before the price Increases in

Love.Smart Live is a highly personalised Day Retreat for only 20 Women, so don’t lose the chance to join our amazing day together.

Price Increases to Euros 150.00 on 4th October

Would you like to Gift this Day Retreat to a Friend?

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Q & A's

Q & A’s

Q & A's

Q & A’s


This sounds amazing, but I feel embarrassed to attend.

I understand that it might feel daunting to attend an event about such a personal, sensitive, and vulnerable part of your life. I assure you, you’re in safe hands with me. You’ll feel instantly at ease and often the thought of it makes us more nervous than actually being there.

You’ll be in an intimate group of warm, lovely, women that understand you and what it feels like. It isn’t about pointing out mistakes or making you feel bad, its the opposite.

You’ll get the support and understanding you’re not likely experiencing in your immediate circle. You have the option to connect to the other ladies attending also prior to the event.

I’d love this but I have no Time!

I believe that you make time for things that matter most to you. Life is undeniably busy, especially if you’re managing a career, and a family. But if you don’t take time and prioritise you, another month, year, possibly a decade will pass by with you giving to everyone else except yourself and your needs. There’s only so much you can give, without replenishing and nurturing your own cup.

Can I pay on the Day as I can't decide yet?

Unfortunately not. The retreat experience starts before your arrival on the day, with us getting to know each other during your private one to one coaching. So your commitment is required 2 weeks before the event. What’s really stopping you doing this for yourself?

Is a Refund Available if I can’t make it at the last minute.

No refunds are available for the event. You have the option of gifting or re-selling the ticket to a friend if at the last minute you are unable to attend.

I’m so looking forward to Seeing you!


Love.Smart Live is a highly personalised fun day Retreat for only 20 Women, so don’t lose the chance to join our amazing day together.

Confirm your Limited Place for Early Booking Price promotion before it increases in