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As a smart , busy relationship-minded woman, I know you're here, because you'd like some practical and solution orientated guidance to uplevel your dating life in a classy, smart, high-value way, so that you attract your ideal relationship in an authentic, confident way. 

These free resources are designed just for you, to reflect and clarify what's important to you for your Dream Relationship, and to give you smart, practical tips and steps to date while staying true to your high value and needs on your journey to Love. 

Ignite Your Authentic, Lasting Self-Confidence. 

Magnetic Self-Confidence underpins our Success and Happiness in Dating, Relationships and Life. Download your Self-Confidence Check-Up Questionnaire with practical tips to be sure yours is at it’s best from inside out!

Free Guide- How to magnetise your Feminine Energy in Dating

Learn 5 Simple, effective ways to embody your Feminine Energy in your Life and how to apply these in your Dating Life to inspire attraction and deeper connection from quality, masculine energy men. 

Free Guide - Design your Ideal Relationshiop

Download your Guide to gain instant laser clarity, about what you want in your Ideal Quality High Value Partner and Dream Relationship. You'll identify your Relationship Goals, relationship values, and ideal partner profile from the inside out. 


Free Guide - Fearless Dating

This guide walks you through step by step to identify the negative mind chatter, and common dating fears, and how to replace them with Self Trust, that you will be be able to manage whatever comes your way with confidence.

Shine Online 7 Day Email Mini Course


Whether you're new and feel nervous about using online dating sites,  or you're online already, but don't seem to be connecting with your "type" of men.

This 7 day Shine Online Challenge is your practical roadmap to Making Online Dating work for you, so that you connect with the quality matches you're hoping to date offline.

By the End of this 7 Day Mini training you'll have have the resources, tips, tools and know how, to use online dating as the valuable, additional resource it is, to support your offline dating  plan to attract your Dream Relationship. 

Ready to Talk about you? 

If you’re you're new or returning to dating, or actively dating with disappointing results, and ready to up-level your Relationship Roadmap, I’d love to support you. Schedule you LoveSmart Strategy call and let’s get started.

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