My main goal through coaching was to move my business forward
and achieve clarity on my USP and marketing strategy.

Being coached by Maria enabled me to clarify my niche and the confidence to move
forward with my new business so that I could gain clients and live the lifestyle that I
want. This is the power of a great coach.

Coaching with Maria lead me to have a deeper understanding of myself and to truly look at
what is important to me which lead to me being coached also on relationships.

Maria is inspiring and asks the right questions to get that ‘Aha” moment. It is in those moments that the greatest self-learning takes place. That then ignited action which has created long lasting and impactful change in all important aspects of my life. It has certainly had a positive effect on my relationships.

Maria is very personable and skilfully gets to the crux of an issue very quickly. Her non-
judgemental, open approach has allowed me to fully engage in the coaching sessions
gaining invaluable support and encouragement to achieve my goals.

Most importantly Maria’s coaching has had a huge impact on increasing my level of
confidence has opened up the doorways for me to achieve my full potential.
I would recommend Maria as a coach to anyone who really wants to make that change
and create a life that they really want.