Chloe, France

I would never have initially thought about coaching but it was suggested to me by someone, and as I wanted to address confidence issues, in particular within the relationship context.

I have been subsequently very pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Thanks to investing in the coaching it has really helped to address my concerns and gain confidence in myself through changing my mindset.

The coaching journey has made me think about topics or issues that would not normally cross my mind.

In particular, this coaching as it's focused on relationships has helped me feel that online dating is much more approachable and in reach than I had thought. It has helped me to believe more in myself to be able to move forward. 

Marias coaching programme helped me to broach this whole topic of relationships and online dating etc by making everything far more practical and manageable than it can seem. This is done by helping you to set small achievable goals in order to move steadily forward towards your end target. This approach I have found incredibly helpful and also realistic when leading a busy lifestyle and it's encouraging to feel you are moving forward and getting closer to the end goal.

Maria has been a great support in this area, not only by helping me set the goals as mentioned but by talking over the various topics it has helped me change and believe more in myself. I would definitely recommend Maria as a coach, she makes you feel completely comfortable and at ease right from the very beginning thanks to her very approachable, friendly and engaging nature.


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