"Before I began coaching with Maria, I'd tried to set goals myself and struggled to commit to them. I started with the main goal being about opening myself to a committed romantic relationship and being in one going forward.

From the coaching sessions, I was able to identify other goals that were smaller and contributed to my journey to being in a committed romantic relationship.

This meant I was able to find answers within myself that allowed me to take smaller steps forward.  It's opened my eyes to new dynamics and understanding of romantic relationships as well as highlighting other areas such as my well-being and beliefs / limited beliefs that need work on – all of which contribute to moving forward with reaching my overall goal.
From the coaching sessions, I've actually thought about actions that were more realistic for me as well as being challenged to look at all angles of my situation.    

It made me realise how much I haven't been doing this over the last few years and also instilled some confidence in me to actualise my actions.

Maria is really warm and easy to open up to. It was also good to actually have actions that I was able to stick to! I found the programme helped me become more self-aware, see things with more clarity, have a more open mind and feel more valued as a woman.
I would recommend the program to those who are ready to invest in themselves and love! I feel Maria would help them in many ways. She has a vast amount of knowledge in the area of finding the person that is most compatible with you, whilst helping build your self-confidence, and awareness too".