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Do you feel that it’s your time to start a new chapter in Love, but

  • It hasn’t been a priority in your life, you haven’t dated for a long time, maybe years, and don’t know how and where to begin?

  • You feel anxious, hesitant, resistant about dating again, and dread the thought of using online dating sites?

  • Or have you dipped your toes into dating already, but feel uninspired by the men you’re connecting to, and exhausted because it’s taking so much time and energy that you’re losing motivation that you will ever meet your ideal companion?

I can relate to these feelings completely. I revisited dating after a 7 year break, and felt like an introverted fish out of water!

The good news is, that with a few small tweaks and a smart strategy you can change your entire Dating Experience, so that you eliminate 80% of the overwhelm, anxiety and uncertainty, so that you feel empowered and confident to navigate modern dating with grace and ease, and attract your ideal partner and a healthy, happy relationship at your own pace.

And I can help you do that!

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Hi, I’m Maria

I coach women who are ready to date again after divorce, painful breakups, or a long break from relationships to ignite their dating confidence from inside out, navigate modern dating with grace and ease so that they attract their ideal healthy, happy relationship, even if that isn’t marriage.  I’d be delighted to support you too.

Here is how I can support you

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We will meet virtually, identify your needs, and map your opportunities and at least three exact steps you can take in the next week or two so that you begin your transformation towards the relationship and life you want and deserve.

It's a no obligation conversation, and I assure you, it will be supportive encouraging, and without judgement. It's your time to prioritise you!

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