A Few Words from some of  my Clients


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Here are a few words from my clients. 

Kam- Manchester, UK

I had e a few different concerns in my life that needed addressing, but I felt my biggest concern recently had become my self esteem/body image.   I could see it was affecting my confidence when applying for jobs and mostly affecting my dating life.  

I chose Maria as my coach as she specialises in self esteem / confidence / dating related issues.  This is a part of my life that I have struggled with for all my adult life.  

I wasn’t sure if coaching could help and part of me was scared to open up a can of worms as I assumed it would eventually lead me to having to go on dates….which was a very scary scenario for me!

From the first time I spoke to Maria, I instantly felt at ease, it was easy to be open and honest with her.  During the sessions we had, she made me realise many things about myself.  I hadn’t realised how much I was scared of success.

She also took me back to scenarios where I felt more confident and happier with my body, and we looked at what I did differently in the past that had given me a confidence boost.  We then looked at applying those same methods going forward to scenarios such as dating as interviewing and even joining the gym.

It sounds so simple but I feel we had some real breakthrough moments.

I would highly recommend Maria to my friends and family.

Jimmy- Nicosia, Cyprus

" I found myself single again two years ago, at 43 and felt lost in my generation’s world of courtship. 
In a moment of frustration and loneliness, I searched for dating help and found Maria's website. After speaking with her I decided to work with her. 
Working with Maria has been beneficial to develop my dating skills and confidence both online and offline, since I was outdated after being married for 12 years.  
The changes she suggested on my on line dating profile alone, has led to much more attention and quality dates.I was on line for one year without any attention to my profile, with a few changes I had more attention in a week than I had in a year, and two dates. 
She's confidential and private. She gives very personal attention and provided individual advice and extra resources based on my needs to improve my dating skills which has been welcomed and very helpful". 

Vasilis- Limassol,Cyprus

" The service is excellent, discreet and professional. It's a great pleasure to work with Maria. She's very attentive and aware of what will be the ideal match. I'd recommend her service"

Vanessa- London, UK

"Date coaching has given my the boost I need to start feeling confident about dating, after a really long time of being "out of the game". It gives me insights into things that I thought I knew, and is helping me to get out of my comfort zone and more importantly out of my masculine energy, which is my default mode, to go into my feminine energy. Coaching has helped me to see myself in a different light and to unlock those skills that are necessary to take you forward. 
I went of six dates over the course of the last few weeks, compared to 1 over the last 2 years as a result of implementing the actions from our coaching"
Maria is positive and devotes the time to listen to what you are saying. She tailored the sessions to my needs and was always available to support me when I most needed it, giving my valuable advice in terms of how to approach a situation! She has experiences of her own that help the process and she has a wealth of resources to share!

Maria- London, UK

"My coaching experience with Maria has been an eye opener. It has helped me find answers for myself. Feeling 100% confident and at ease. I don’t feel fearful as I did before. The sessions have helped me to change my life around and move forward. It has also helped me find who I am and improve future relationships.
Maria is very good at helping understand who I am as a person, assisting and guiding me to find answers to my issues. Calm, understanding and always listening.
I highly recommend Maria for coaching. She has been superb! Her communications tools are very useful for dating.
I’m so glad I worked with her. I felt she empathised with my situation but also challenged me to find my own solutions in a patient way.I've learned alot" 

Liana- Limassol,Cyprus

"I am a qualified Life Coach and needed some personal coaching. I contacted Maria for some sessions and within only three sessions, Maria helped me clarify what I needed and to make some changes in my life. Her warmth, excellent listening skills and professionalism makes Maria a leader in her field. I highly recommend Maria to anyone who would like to set some goals and achieve them!"

Andri- Nicosia,Cyprus

"I accidentally came across Selective Matches and to be honest I was quite guarded at first. After I met Maria though all my concerns simply disappeared. Maria is a true professional, a lovely person with positive energy and above all discreet. In the times that we live in I find it difficult to meet good quality and relationship minded people but through Selective Matches these are the only kind of people that you meet. If you are in search for the "right one" you can trust that Maria can help you find a quality person with the same interests, goals and by providing insightful advice. Dating can be tough, but Maria can make it easy."

Claire - Edinburgh, UK

"I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Maria, she is easy to talk to and we quickly built good rapport.  I have experienced her as committed to me as a person and to my goals. Her coaching style is versatile, authentic and she has a genuine desire to do the best she can for her client. She has been helpful working with me on my confidence, coaching skills and also on business development.  She asked powerful sometimes challenging questions that helped me to seek new perspectives and see things differently.  She is someone that would go the extra mile to help her client.  Maria has definitely helped me to be a more confident person.  Through my coaching sessions with Maria I moved closer to my goal and moved forward positively with my life, I would definitely recommend her coaching".

Paul- Hove, UK

"Maria has coached me during the last 2 months and has been empathetic and challenging coach, which has enabled me to stretch my thinking and come up with feasible solutions for the business issues we have worked on.

She is highly energetic and displays commitment to enabling my success at all the sessions we've had. I  do not hesitate to recommend Maria.

Lesley-Larnaca, Cyprus

"Maria was one of the guest presenters at my Emotional Reset weekend retreat for ladies. Her knowledge, insights and recommendations about the misconceptions of feminine energy, and how to reconnect to it in our busy, stressful daily lives was engaging, thought provoking and inspiring for the diverse group of female participants. She effortlessly injected a sense of fun and energy with her practical exercises which the ladies happily participated in. Maria is a naturally engaging, personable and knowledgeable presenter. She is attentive to the comfort and engagement of her guests making them feel at ease". 

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