A Few Words from my Clients about their Personal coaching journey and positive transformations



Natalie, London

My anxiety about re-entering the world of dating after a very long-term relationship and not knowing where or how to even begin dating again made me actually avoid it completely.  Even though I felt ready to meet someone new I could not bring myself to take any steps towards starting to date.

Coaching with Maria helped me gain the confidence to feel I can enter what was for me the “alien world” of dating and not only enjoy it, but successfully achieve my goal of finding my life partner.

With ease she one by one brought down the barriers that were my insecurities and helped me chart a practical and successful course to take.

Understanding my feminine energy and how important it is to do less and simply be more when dating but also in other aspects of my life.

This made a huge difference and within the space of one month I had five dates and I am feeling closer than ever to my goal.

I feel so much happier about myself and after just one session I felt and saw the difference and it showed to everyone around me.

People said I had changed but it was nothing exterior it was my inner self-blooming at the new world opening up to me.

I feel empowered and confident not only to date and attract high-value men but achieve any goal I set myself. It has helped me love and appreciates who I am.

I would highly recommend Maria. you immediately feel welcome into her world. Her positive and kind approach on the one hand, but firmness where necessary empowers and encourages you to meet your goals. I feel like she cares that I am the best I possibly can be.

This has been the best gift to myself in so many ways.
— Natalie

Sarah, UK,

Before coaching my biggest concern was actually facing online dating itself which had been something I thought was great for everyone else but not for me. I had recently come around to the thought that maybe after all these years it was, in fact, worth trying but having built up these ideas against it I was concerned as to how to actually try it and where even to begin!

Investing time in coaching was not only beneficial for my own concern about internet dating in itself, but also addressed concerns about my own confidence in this area. It allowed me to re-evaluate what was important and believe more in myself as a result. The coaching process helped me to change a lot of my own mindsets to be more open and therefore more beneficial for building confidence in this area.

The practical exercises make you think outside the box about yourself and although it may feel uncomfortable to be so introspective, it is actually extremely rewarding at the end and enlightening to discover things about yourself that you perhaps don’t realise or take time to appreciate. It helped me to value myself and my qualities more than perhaps one normally allows themself to. This then contributed towards more confidence in myself and the ability to actually face the unknown world of online dating.

As this was such a personal pet-hate of mine, the fact that i have successfully created a profile, started online dating and actually gone on dates through it has been a huge success for me! I feel much more normal and relaxed about it now and the coaching has definitely helped me face my somewhat irrational fears about it and realise that I can confidently do this, both at my own pace and keeping my own values. It has been significant progress for me and so the coaching has played a big part in that and been very helpful. Feeling more confident in it has also been very beneficial for me personally.

I would most definitely recommend Maria and her coaching programme for anyone who is facing either a similar phobia to online dating or lacking confidence in the whole area of dating and relationships. She takes the time to help you help yourself by not only making you feel very comfortable but by encouraging and challenging you to believe even more in yourself, to help your confidence grow.

The programme has helped give me confidence and branch out into something I would not have expected to and I am very happy to have taken part in the programme and see the practical benefits in my own life.
— Sarah

Gemma,  UK,

Coaching with Maria has been both transformational and revealing.

I was hesitant to delve into an area in my life which I was struggling with. But meeting Maria and working with her to challenge and change my beliefs and habits around my relationships has made a massive difference in the way I feel about myself, the way I see my future relationship. It  helped me understand how I was feeling was based on previous experiences and influences.

Maria recognised when I make assumptions or had limiting beliefs and enabled me to recognise these too. She helped me unpick these and look at them from a different perspective, and change the way I think and see things.

I  always felt motivated at the end of each session, despite sometimes feeling uncomfortable during our sessions when false beliefs were challenged or revealed.

For the first time in a very long time, I am feeling excited at where this new way of thinking and behaving will take me, and I look forward to having what I can now see as a good, positive, healthy long lasting relationship. 
— Gemma


Ruth, Leicester, UK

Maria has coached me from being someone who was quite nervous about returning to the dating scene, to being a confident and enthusiastic dater.
”I initially hoped that her coaching would just get me to a stage where I was much clearer about what I was looking for and how to spot undesirables.

I thought I would then go away and utilise this information in a few years time when I had got fed up with being single. After 5 weeks, I had created quality profiles on two different dating sites, was receiving huge amounts of likes and messages and had been on 4 dates with three different men. And I’m confident it won’t be long until I find the person I deserve and want to be with for the rest of my life.

Her enthusiasm and confidence in my ability to achieve my goal was infectious,that along with her reflecting evidence of my ability back to me soon increased my confidence.With Maria’s coaching I have surpassed my expectations”.
— Ruth

Chloe- France

Maria’s coaching programme helped to broach this whole topic of relationships and online dating  by making everything far more practical and manageable than it can seem..
This is done by helping you to set small achievable goals in order to move steadily forward towards your end target. This approach I have found incredibly helpful and also realistic when leading a busy lifestyle

I would never have initially thought about coaching but it was suggested to me by someone, and I wanted to address confidence issues, in particular within the relationship context. I have been subsequently very pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Thanks to investing in the coaching it has really helped to address my concerns and gain confidence in myself through changing my mindset.

The coaching programme, as it’s focused on relationships, has helped me feel that online dating is much more approachable and in reach than I had thought. It has helped me to believe more in myself to be able to move forward. 

It’s encouraging to feel you are moving forward and getting closer to the end goal. Maria has been a great support in this area, not only by helping me set the goals as mentioned but by talking over the various topics it has helped me change my mentality and believe more in myself. 
— Chloe


Coaching is like a lifestyle MOT, everyone should try it at least once and re-visit it from time to time to maintain your trajectory”. 
”The biggest concern I was hoping to address by starting my coaching programme was my lack of a defined career direction and setting of new goals for the future with issues such as lack of confidence and self limiting thoughts. These were addressed including some others I didn’t realise I had especially in the dating arena.  I found my coaching sessions opened me up to a new way of thinking.

Coaching is a safe space of non judgement that encourages you to explore becoming the best version of yourself. 

You are challenged to confront learned behaviour that may be getting in the way of your goals and therefore you come to realise that the answers to your fulfilment are within you, which is incredibly empowering.

Maria is warm and welcoming as well as professional and understanding.  Being coached widens your outlook and adjusts your focus on the world.  In doing so you want to share your new view with everyone else you know and spread that momentum and positivity around”. 
— Deonne

Vanessa- London,

Date coaching has given my the boost I need to start feeling confident about dating, after a really long time of being “out of the game”.
It gave me insights into things that I thought I knew, and helped me to get out of my comfort zone and more importantly out of my masculine energy, which is my default mode, to go into my feminine energy. Coaching has helped me to see myself in a different light and to unlock those skills that are necessary to take you forward. 
I went on six dates over the course of the last few weeks, compared to one over the last two years as a result of implementing the actions from our coaching
She tailored the sessions to my needs, giving valuable advice in terms of how to approach a situation! She has experiences of her own that help the process and she has a wealth of resources to share
— Vanessa

Bibi,  UK

I found coaching with Maria helped me become more self-aware, see things with more clarity, have a more open mind and feel more valued as a woman”

”Before I began coaching with Maria, I’d tried to set goals myself and struggled to commit to them. I started with the main goal being about opening myself to a committed romantic relationship and being in one going forward.

From the coaching sessions I was able to identify other goals that were smaller and contributed to my journey to being in a committed romantic relationship.

This meant I was able to find answers within myself that allowed me to take smaller steps forward.  It’s opened my eyes to new dynamics and understandings of romantic relationships as well as highlighting other areas such as my well-being and beliefs / limited beliefs that need work on – all of which contribute to moving forward with reaching my overall goal. 

It made me realise how much I haven’t been doing this over the last few years and also instilled some confidence in me to actualise my actions.

I would recommend the program to those who are ready to invest in themselves and love! I feel Maria would help them in many ways. She has a vast amount of knowledge in the area of finding the person that is most compatible with you, whilst helping build your self-confidence, and awareness too”.
— Bibi

Maria- London, UK

My coaching experience with Maria has been an eye-opener. It has helped me find answers for myself. Feeling 100% confident and at ease. I don’t feel fearful as I did before.

The sessions have helped me to change my life around and move forward. It has also helped me find who I am and improve future relationships.
Maria is very good at helping understand who I am as a person, assisting and guiding me to find answers to my issues.

Maria empathised with my situation but also challenged me to trust my judgement, acknowledge my needs, and find solutions that are right for me, in a patient way. I’ve learned alot” 
— Maria

Cleo- London

Being coached by Maria enabled me to clarify my niche and the confidence to move forward with my new business so that I could gain clients and live the lifestyle that I want. This is the power of a great coach.

My main goal through coaching was to move my business forward
and achieve clarity on my USP and marketing strategy.

Coaching with Maria lead me to have a deeper understanding of myself and to truly look at what is important to me which lead to me being coached also on relationships.

Maria is inspiring and asks the right questions to get that ‘Aha” moment. It is in those moments that the greatest self-learning takes place. That then ignited action which has created long lasting and impactful change in all important aspects of my life. It has certainly had a positive effect on my relationships.

Maria is very personable and skilfully gets to the crux of an issue very quickly. Her non-judgemental, open approach has allowed me to fully engage in the coaching sessions gaining invaluable support and encouragement to achieve my goals.

Most importantly Maria’s coaching has had a huge impact on increasing my level of confidence has opened up the doorways for me to achieve my full potential

I would recommend Maria as a coach to anyone who really wants to make that changeand create a life that they really want.
— Cleo

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