Why would I use Selective Matches?

Selective Matches is an alternative mindful dating service for Single,Smart men and women who feel; as many do, that navigating through the cyber-dating safari of internet dating sites & social media platforms is a minefield, and also do not meet new people in their usual work and social circles. The quality dating sites do work for many, unfortunately there are many poor quality ones out there also, which consist of many people with different and often dishonest dating intentions and goals. Most of our Members are not engaged in these methods, or trust them, to find someone genuine and perfect for them. Matchmaking provides the vital ingredients required to build a relationship with a solid foundation, which are in depth screening, and really knowing people before proposing suitable matches.     

Where do I have my interview?

Personal interviews take place in a quality bar or restaurant in your home town within Cyprus, sometimes in the comfort of your own home, and via Skype for International members.

How do I see and chose my Matches?

I present the best suited profiles to you on an individual basis, which you then consider and decide if you would like to meet. We do not email profiles generically to all members or add profiles on our website. Member profiles are confidential, and are shared with prospective dates with their consent. We do notify you about new members suited to you, with a brief summary without a photo initially; with your confirmation we then take the next step.  

How many Dates can I expect to go on?

Members are able to go on unlimited dates with carefully selected matches. It may be three,ten or more. This all depends on your criteria, and if your match would also like to meet you. By joining Selective Matches all members have the same purpose, to meet someone special for them; they are open minded and excited to meet like-minded singles.   

How soon can I start meeting people?

The search begins as soon we complete registration and you approve your profile. You begin dating within a few days or weeks. This depends on the special person you are looking for. We value providing you high quality suitable matches over a high number of unsuitable ones. 

How do you Find Singles?

We encourage all singles to join the Free Membership if they are not ready for active matchmaking to begin. We review all member profiles, discreetly promote & advertise, as well as physically searching and meeting individuals in the places we know your match will be visiting.  

How can I trust that the Matches will be right for me?

The matches are selected based on knowing members personally, and understanding their needs. We review your experience and obtain regular feedback from you, throughout your membership. This ensures you are satisfied with the matches you are receiving.  We are all human and nobody is perfect! Our aim is to discover the person who is perfect for you.

Is Everyone accepted as a Member?

Selective Matches does not accept all members, as we are not right for everybody and vice versa. Members are accepted based on various positive attributes; and on our experience of knowing we can match them successfully. This increases the likelihood that you will have several commonalities with a few members.  

Chemistry and Mutual attraction is extremely important, however I do not guarantee this for every introduction made. These are the elusive elements which make a relationship special; and which only evolves between you, when you learn more about each other.

Please Note. Selective Matches believes love is love. We are a Love for all Service. We do not discriminate against any Singles on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability.   

How can I Trust the Service

Selective Matches strives to deliver a service of high standards, honesty and integrity.  We do this by combining the best practice guidelines set by theMatchmaking Institute-New York and the A.B.I.A.(Association of British Introduction Agencies); ensuring Matchmaking businesses are operated ethically. In addition to this, we work to our own personal professional standards influenced by years in the luxury hospitality industry, and listening closely and understanding people. These factors serve as our benchmark for evolving our business successfully on the right foundation and maintaining a professional service to our members. Our aim is to be one of the best Boutique Personal Matchmaking Services in Europe; defined by; a minimum 90% successful match rate and from the Matchmaking service satisfaction scores provided by members. Our priority is for our members to know that we have their best interests at heart, to enjoy their dating journey and to be introduced to their perfect match by us.    

Our Guarantee (Membership Page; Terms and Conditions) are also the most flexible, and client orientated compared to any International Matchmaking services.

Need some help with your dating questions or Feedback about your Internet dating Profile?  

It's helpful to have an unbiased, honest viewpoint about your dating and relationship situations. Or some tips about your internet dating profile bio, and photo to ensure you're presenting yourself impressively and naturally to potential dates. As a member, you are welcome to ask me unlimited questions confidentially, and I am happy to help. 

If you have any questions at all, which have not been answered here, please contact me and I will gladly reply.