If you are Single you will already know that it isn’t an easy task to find your diamond.

You may have tried internet dating, dating apps, or hope to meet that special person through your social and professional circle; but feel disheartened by the results.

It’s a challenge globally that many decent relationship- minded Singles of all ages, gender and nationality are facing.

Despite being more connected via technology than ever before, single commitment- minded ladies and men feel that making the quality, genuine connections they are hoping for has is challenging and overwhelming.

In the UK, US and many countries; busy relationship minded singles are turning to off- line Matchmaking agencies for professional help as they do for other areas in life (personal trainers, life coaches, domestic support)

It's a serious business, so much so, that there is a matchmaking institute in New York to train Matchmakers how to run sustainable, professional matchmaking businesses ethically, and several dating industry conferences and award ceremonies take place annually.  The iDate Conference, for example is running its 43rd conference this year; and Cyprus is their chosen European location in July. 

I identified a gap for a much-needed quality dating service based in Cyprus, and decided to provide such a solution here for commitment minded local and International single ladies and men.  I transferred my life coaching, recruitment and HR experience in the hospitality industry to matters of the heart and created Selective Matches, an off- line Matchmaking and Date Coaching service for selective relationship minded Singles.  The service whilst based here is International with members locally, in the UK and growing within other European countries.

It is essentially the antidote to internet dating. If you’ve tried it, you won’t be shocked to know, that an estimated 85% of online dating profiles aren’t accurate. The Statistic brain- research institute found that Men lie most about; age, height, income and women lie most about; weight, physical build, age.

Since launching in the summer of last year my members; quality single ladies and gentlemen continue to grow in number as are introductions and dates.    

Singles using a Matchmaker have made the decision not to waste time leaving love to chance.

They are positive, open minded, ready emotionally, and have made the decision to focus and prioritise their search for a suitable compatible partner. 

These are the kind of lovely Singles you hope to meet in person but haven’t yet, as you are not in the right place at the right time; or are lost in the sea of online profiles.

Members have diverse experiences with dating and relationships, which include:

  • Actively dating already, and want to widen their network to meet the best match for them
  • Divorced with or without children, and new to the current dating scene.  
  • Too busy with careers and life- keeping them from meeting the right person
  • Prefer a more low key, discreet, personal approach rather than usual dating Sites
  • Shy, Private, reserved and averse to meeting singles in clubs and bars.
  • Tired of choosing the wrong people for them leading to dead end relationships

In summary the top reasons quality relationship minded Singles find working with a professional Matchmaker easier are:

1)  Quality over Quantity- Your time won’t be wasted with unsuitable matches. Compatibility is based on the important vitals such as shared values, relationship needs, goals, personality and attraction.

2)  No Surprises- Your match will be who they say they are with no surprises. All members are interviewed in person first and details verified.

3)  Private, Confidential, Discreet. Everything discussed is confidential. Your profile and photos are secure and not distributed. Photos are shown in person to approved matches only.

4)  A Matchmaker works for you- You are casting a wider net, and someone is dedicated to meeting and screening potential matches on your behalf, saving you time, energy and disappointments. All you need to do is enjoy the date.    

5)  It’s a human, personalised, honest and genuine approach to being introduced to like-minded quality singles.

There are many lovely quality ladies and gentlemen in my community, if you are a commitment minded lady or gentleman and would like to increase your prospects of meeting someone special, I may already know someone perfect for you! Ladies are invited to join for free, and gentlemen are able to join for a reasonable membership fee. There is a special membership offer available for gentlemen until May 25th. 

Contact me for a no obligation confidential chat to learn more about how Matchmaking may be an effective solution for you and increase your opportunity to meet the right partner based on the right foundation. 

Meanwhile, stay positive, selective, open-minded, brave and always be prepared to be surprised!

Best wishes

Maria x

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