Ready to Reignite your Dating Confidence, attract and meet a Relationship Ready, Quality Man ? 


Are you tired of boring, uninspiring dates.

Disappointed with flaky men, disappearing after you think you’ve connected.

Are you starting to question whether there is someone out there for you. Someone who will truly love you for you, and stand by your side proudly?

Do you feel that it's not happening, or not even possible, no matter how many dates you go on, they all lead nowhere.

Or you meet a seemingly great man, get your hopes up, feel chemistry, and he turns out to be a jerk or married or both?

You think you “click” with someone, but he never asks you out.

Maybe you even get to the point of seeing someone exclusively – and finally think this is IT – only to have the person disappear.

Have you reached a point where dating feels so superficial, and tiring that you've given up and closed the door to dating for now.  

But deep down you know,  this is an important part of your life, and you want to meet him. 

I believe you will, and you shouldn't give up. 

There is a way to become super savvy, pro-active and laser focussed to attract and find your ideal partner. 

It requires that you open up to specific ways to making dating and creating a deep connection work for YOU.  

These are the concepts that women in successful relationships have used, after dating and feeling the same way, for a long period of time before finding their ideal partner. 


He's Waiting to Meet  YOU!

I help women to ignite their confidence, power and feminine energy while staying true to their authentic nature, so that they stand out for their magnetic, engaging presence effortlessly and attract their ideal partner.  

I meet you where you are now, in your dating life and work with you to create your personalised dating success road map, and guide you step by step towards meeting the quality, high value man you are waiting to be in a loving, happy relationship with.  And to have fun along the way.  


Are you Truly Ready to come out of Hiding and Attract the Partner deserving of you?   


By "Hiding" I mean physically in your busy-ness of daily life, or behind your current dating mindset about dating, men, and relationships.  

These are the two biggest barriers preventing you from meeting, the man who would love to be in a relationship with you. 

Do these sound familiar?   

  • You feel disconnected from your Feminine Energy, and not sure how to lead with more Feminine Energy.
  • Perhaps men aren't approaching you or you initiate all the communication. 
  • Despite your best efforts you're not meeting quality commitment minded men.
  • You're attracting and accepting the wrong men and low quality behaviour 
  • You're unclear about what men actually want in a woman 
  • Neglect your own needs to please the man you're dating
  • Find yourself "waiting" for progress and commitment from a man

My goal is to support you in re-tuning your navigation system for love and ignite your feminine presence to consciously and selectively attract a high value man and have the happy, loving, committed and lasting relationship you want and deserve! 

I help you cut through the distorted assumptions, misconceptions and judgements you are holding on to and acting as barriers to your relationship success.    


Dating Success Essentials for the High Value, Relationship minded Feminine Woman


Here's What you Can Expect 

  • You'll feel a renewed inner confidence, energy about yourself, and your value as an attractive desirable woman to a quality man
  • Have more Confident about dating with your fresh new perspective, insights and knowledge about how to attract him, and know he's the one. 
  • To Feel awareness about your relationship needs, values, and how to express those confidently and in a feminine way. 
  • Be able to dial up and lead with your your feminine energy in dating.
  • You'll find tune your dating radar, and identify who is right for you sooner to avoid wasting time
  • To know how and when to express your expectations. 



The Women I support are independant, strong, successful, savvy and smart like you.  

They are impressive in their own right regardless of their status, background and age.

They like millions of people want to attract their perfect partner and have a committed happy relationship. 

They have decided to take accountability and make time for their personal life to attract a perfect partner for them.

They are tired of making excuses as to why NOW isn't the right time.  

You may be actively dating already, new to dating after a long break, or have started dating someone and in a relationship. It's valuable to all women. 

It is supportive, motivating, reassuring, honest and factual. 


It isn't about superficial tips, manipulation or game playing. 

It doesn't teach superficial, surface level tweaks . Instead you'll gain dating savvy to know how to identify the right person for you, based on your values, and inspiring attraction and a genuine deep connection with the right mindset and energy shifts. 

It isn't about changing yourself to please a man. Instead it focusses on

  • magnetizing your attractiveness from within
  • appreciating the differences between men and women, in dating and building the meaningful connection you want.
  • Understanding men and how they bond to be empowered and confident in dating.  




It might feel challenging and unfamiliar at first to consider a different perspective and approach, but your renewed energy and dating confidence will make the initial discomfort worthwhile for your happier life. 

By keeping an open mind, embracing and practicing these tools and knowledge comfortably; you will have clarity, be empowered, confident and safe in the knowledge that you are moving in the right direction to attract a quality commitment minded man and a happy relationship- without compromising your needs.   

Here is the overview to Coaching Programme for Ladies 



1. Love starts with you

  • Understand your bottom line Needs for a partner and your vision for a happy relationship.   

  • Identify and remove barriers, beliefs, habits, behaviours negatively influencing your energy, and magnetism

  • Become truly confident in being your authentic self and what you have to offer to a partner and loving relationship

  • Preparing to attract a partner and loving relationship

2. The Keys to Attracting a Man

  • The misconceptions and reality of Feminine Energy

  • The Importance of tuning into and leading with your Feminine energy in dating 

  • The most common Mistakes women make, preventing attraction and turn men off. 

  • The behaviours which build Attraction  

  • The Keys to Communicating your needs to be appreciated and understood

  • Know how to trust your instincts and recognise the partner who values you and what you have to offer.   

3. Understanding Men

  • Appreciating how men are wired and think differently to women. 

  • Clarifying common "myths" and bad judgements about men

  • Appreciating the qualities and feelings which inspire emotionally available masculine men to commit

  • How Men fall in love (including why they become distant) 

  • Appreciating the behaviours and actions of available commitment minded men, to avoid wasting time and energy on men who aren't.  


  • Designing your NEW blueprint and action plan for attracting a quality masculine man and having the loving, committed relationship you want and deserve. 


  • In order to stay on track with your new love action plan; prevent those old "pre-training" habits and patterns creeping in again and work through any barriers holding you back, you will receive three follow up skype coaching calls from me in the following two months after the training.   


My Coaching Programme for ladies is delivered via a 12 Week personal skype coaching or in person. 

We meet every 2 weeks, and starting with an initial 90 minute session to explore where you are on your dating journey now, and your mindset. 

From there the programme is customised according to your needs, and we begin.

If you're ready to take a deep dive into your dating life and have the relationship you want follow these steps.

Step 1. Complete the enquiry form below

Step 2. Look out for an email from me at, with a few questions so I get to know more about you before we talk on the phone.

Step 3. When you send me your answers. Look out for an invite to schedule your 30 minute free Dating Success Discovery Coaching call via skype / facetime  in my calendar

Step 4. At the time of your skype/facetime of you coaching . We'll coach. We'll also make sure we're the right fit to work together before you commit. 

Step 5. We'll get started. If you decide to work with me Ill tell you the exact steps. If you decide not to work with me, or we're not a perfect fit, I'll be happy to share other resources to help you get started. 

I'm excited to hear from you.