Hello and Welcome!

I'm Maria and my goal is to support you to Live your Life and Relationship by Design

Exactly as you dreamed it to be!

In other words to live your happiest, most fulfilled, well balanced life and Relationship without settling or regrets.  

I work with successful, strong, relationship minded women like you, who feel stuck, disappointed or simply jaded with their current dating lives, to transform their dating confidence from inside out, so that they attract that quality, respectful, loving partner and dream relationship they deserve.  

I don't give surface level, generic advice or tactics about how to attract men quicker and easier. A google search will provide those for you in seconds. 

I don't promise you'll attract your "king" or " prince" within 30 days if you follow my advice.

I don't bash men. We love gentlemen! 

I do joke about our differences though.  There are plenty which are important to understand and appreciate!

Infact, this kind of dating advice didn't resonate with me. 

It inspired me to research and learn from relationship experts and psychologists with more substance, and quality, proven research to understand men, women, attraction, communication and the ingredients of successful relationships.  

This is the information, I believe all smart women should know, and I share these insights with you when we work together. 

I believe these Relationship and Life Skills should be taught in Schools. It would save us time, energy and heartache. 

Who needs algebra in the real world when Relationships are the game of Life. 

My goal is to arm you with the tools, knowledge, dating savvy and insights we all wish we knew years ago, so that you can use them as your guiding compass on your dating journey, and in all areas of your life. 

Ultimately, we are the common denominator when our relationship and life goals are off track. 

When you work with me, we begin there, to get back on the right path. 

With my support, guidance, fact based insights, this is turned around quickly.

Your personalised coaching journey involves a systematic, practical, results orientated approach, where we uncover the foundational keys to attracting your ideal partner and relationship, whilst maintaining your high value and feminine essence. 

You will have an inner confidence, and innate knowing that you will achieve your ideal relationship, however you define it, on your terms.

It'll be with the right partner, that you'll meet at the perfect time after taking smart action, which we design a plan for also. 

You essentially become your own very best Selective Matchmaker in a genuine and focussed way, which is aligned to your values, personality, needs and relationship goals.  

In doing so, you will gain clarity and laser focus in how to date smart, as well as remove the unhelpful distractions and negative beliefs, old habits and blind spots, which may be holding you back.  


Dating today can feel overwhelming and bleak without some modern day dating savvy and a smart plan  


You're not alone if you feel this way. Here are some of my clients personal transformations as a result of our coaching relationship.  

You're also invited to join your own private facebook community HERE of like-minded, inspiring, multi-passionate, smart, women like you (aka sheroes),

You're also invited to join your own private facebook community HERE of like-minded, inspiring, multi-passionate, smart, women like you (aka sheroes),