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I'm Maria and I work with smart, selective, relationship minded women like you who are stuck, unsatisfied or simply jaded with their current dating lives, to transform their dating mindset, increase their self confidence, and dating savvy so that you date successfully to attract that quality, respectful, loving partner you deserve.  

My goal is support, encourage and guide you through your personalised coaching journey with me, to become your own very best Selective Matchmaker in a genuine and focussed way, that is aligned with your values, needs and relationship goals.  In doing so you will gain clarity, as well as remove the unhelpful distractions and negative beliefs which may be holding you back.  

Dating today can feel overwhelming and bleak without some modern day dating savvy and a smart plan  

Even if you feel this way now:

  • A little jaded, uncertain about how and where to meet a great partner.
  • Uncertain about how to know and trust who is right for you.
  • New or returning to dating and want unbiased honest support and clarity, about how to begin with a dating plan that feels authentic to you.
  • Actively dating, but feel you're going round in circles and losing hope that a great partner exists for you
  • Your current dating life isn't working for you, and want a fresh perspective to uplevel your strategy to meet your ideal partner 

The good news, is with the right support, guidance, and action, this can be turned around quickly so that you begin connecting with and dating quality relationship minded men with confidence to attract your ideal relationship without settling. 

You're not alone if you feel this way. Here are some of my clients personal transformations as a result of our coaching relationship.  

I have also felt that way, which inspired me to focus on dating confidence as well as life coaching. 

I meet many single successful, smart women with diverse backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, ages and life experiences, who have have similar feelings.

I trained as personal performance coach with the coaching academy, and certified self esteem elevation coach. I feel honoured to be doing what inspires me every day by supporting you in matters of the heart to fulfil your own personal relationship, and life goals. 

If you're ready to prioritise your personal life, and to take smart steps to attract and select the perfect partner for you, I'd love to invite you to a complimentary Coaching Conversation with me. 

During our conversation, you will 

  • Gain clarity about where you are now on your dating journey and what you want.
  • Uncover what may be holding you back, and how this is affecting your success in meeting the right potential partners for you. 
  • Discover opportunities to meet and attract a quality partner without settling or compromising 

I'm looking forward to talking with you


Maria  x




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