I'm Maria and I work with smart, selective, relationship minded men and women like you to be, unhappy with their dating lives to date with confidence, and attract their ideal partner authentically so that they enjoy the loving, happy, respectful, lasting relationship without settling. 

I support, encourage and guide you through your personalised coaching journey to become your own very best Selective Matchmaker in a genuine and focussed way, which is aligned with your values, and needs. 

Dating today can feel like a bad epidemic without some modern day dating savvy.  

You like many of the smart, successful, single women and men I work with, may feel:

  • You don't understand men or women and why they behave the way they do.
  • Overwhelm, uncertainty or lack of confidence about meeting a great partner.
  • Uncertain about how to know and trust a potential date is right for you.
  • New or returning to dating and want unbiased honest support and clarity, about how to begin with a dating plan that feels authentic to you.
  • Feel like despite actively dating, you're going round in circles and losing hope that a great partner exists for you, because you have dated so many wrong ones.
  • Starting to feel that you're doing something wrong, or there's something wrong with you, to not be attracting a great partner.


I want to reassure you that you're definitely not alone in feeling this way. I have personally, which inspired me to become a dating success coach, and I now meet many single ladies and men with diverse backgrounds and experiences, who feel disillusioned, frustrated and have have similar feelings.  

I have supported my clients through their own personalised coaching journey, to make important shifts in how they think,feel and approach dating, gain clarity,self- awareness, have a renewed energy,confidence and create new opportunities to meet quality potential partners, whilst having fun along the way. You'll find some feedback from my clients here

If you're ready to prioritise your personal life, and to take smart steps to attract and select the perfect partner for you authentically, I'd love to invite you to a complimentary 30 minute Dating Success Strategy Coaching call.

During our conversation, you will 

  • Gain clarity about where you are now on your dating journey and what you want.
  • Uncover what may be holding you back, and how this is affecting your success in meeting the right potential partners for you. 
  • Discover opportunities to meet and attract a quality partner without settling or compromising 

I'm looking forward to talking with you


Maria  x

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Client feedback like Jimmy's below can be found here

Jimmy. Nicosia- Cyprus

" I found my self single again two years ago, at 43 and felt lost in my generation’s world of courtship. 
In a moment of frustration and loneliness, I searched for dating help and found Maria's website.  
Working with Maria has been beneficial to develop my dating skills and confidence both online and offline, since I was outdated after being married for 12 years.  
The changes she suggested on my on line dating profile alone, has led to much more attention and quality dates. I was on line for a year without any dates, and with the changes Maria suggested, I received more attention in my profile than I had in a year, and 2 dates within a week."