You deserve to have a loving, happy, fun relationship and life, without  Settling.


Perhaps you're actively dating, or just stepping back into the dating scene after the end of a relationship, or because you were focussed on your career, family or business until now.  

You may be feeling, like many single men and women do, that dating in our modern world, can be overwhelming, confusing, noisy, competitive, and disappointing.

You want to find a way to standout and be seen by someone special in an authentic way. 

You're not alone, it's the epidemic of dating in our fast paced world,

There are many layers to creating opportunities to attract quality potential partners, understanding them, and selecting the right person to commit to.  

It's an important decision, which can be attached to worry and some fear.   

I believe that with the right balance of smart dating savvy, being authentic and magnetising your attractiveness from inside out, you can make dating work for you, to meet your ideal quality partner, without the frustrations dating can cause.   

I'm committed to supporting you to achieve this, and to date successfully to attract your high value ideal partner, without pain, disappointment or confusion.  

Like my clients, you may

  • Have a successful, full, busy life, and you’re ready to meet your ideal partner to share fun new experiences and adventures with, without sacrificing your passions, your independence or change who you are.    


  • Want to meet the "one" who will truly appreciate, accept, respect and love the real you, and your flaws.


  • Be ready to discover, and commit to the right partner who shares common values, relationship and life goals with you, that will enhance both your lives. 


  • You want to be seen and appreciated as a quality, high value single woman or man in a genuine way and without feeling that you're competing for attention.


Here's How I can Help you 

I'm Maria, and I help relationship minded single women and men like you, who are frustrated with dating now, to transform their current dating life, from uncertainty and doubt about attracting their ideal partner and a happy, fun, respectful relationship, into a clear, achievable reality.  

Even if it feels like they're running out of possibilities, or the odds are against them.  

Through personalised one to one coaching, I support you to illuminate and create a clear, focussed path to finding your ideal partner, with a tailor made practical, step by step dating plan  aligned to your needs, values and personality.

So that you ignite your confidence, and feel empowered to be your own selective matchmaker, and attract your ideal partner and enjoy the relationship and life you deserve on your terms. 

If you're not quite ready to date yet, and could benefit from support learn more about how I can help you to become fully prepared here 



Your Coaching Journey may be the Powerful solution for you if, 

You're motivated and ready to stand out from the crowd and attract your ideal partner, without settling, but have been feeling.

  • disillusioned with dating because of a period of “bad luck” with the wrong men/women, or because you're out of touch with dating and not sure how and where to begin 
  • You have some negative beliefs, fears and insecurities lingering around dating and starting a new relationship. 
  • You're doubting whether you will find someone to spend your life with.



Your Ideal Partner is waiting to meet you

Whether you're looking for a lasting relationship, companionship, marriage, or simply want to build your dating confidence in preparation for dating when you're ready.

I work privately with a handful of clients, and we design a coaching programme around your individual needs, which we decide upon after our conversation. We may decide on a 2 hour laser focussed coaching, or a programme from 4 to 12 sessions eith weekly or fortnightly. 

Here are some of the areas I can support you to get back on track to attracting the wonderful partner you are hoping to meet.  


1.  You dating Mindset and Energy 

  • We begin from inside out starting with you, your dating mindset, dating energy, your values and relationship goals. 

  • We'll explore the essential and not so essential deal breakers, your personal values, standards, needs and nice to have's.

  • We'll uncover any weaknesses, blind spots, self sabotaging,negative beliefs causing you to hold back from finding the love you want, and how to overcome and / or use them to attract a great match.

2.  Magnetising yourself to be Seen as an Ideal Partner and How to Identify yours 

  • You'll learn universal, characteristics, qualities and behaviors that universally either attract a potential partner or push them away on dates.

  • We'll explore how to inspire and create meaningful, genuine connection and chemistry instead of the surface level chemistry that fizzles out fast.

  • We'll ensure you're maximizing and magnifying you're attributes, qualities and appeal in a genuine way both off-line and on line to attract the partner who will truly appreciate all that you are. 

  • We'll uncover the common misconceptions of your Feminine & Masculine energy, and the actionable ways to ensure you're connected to the right energy when dating.


3.  Dating Savvy as a High Value Man or Woman

  • You'll be clear about how to determine when your date is truly interested in you and if they are a quality potential match based on your values, relationship goals to avoid wasting your time and energy.

  • You'll have clarity about how to foster a pressure-free situation for yourself and your date to make room for feelings to grow and to make your partner feel safe to be real and honest. 

  • You'll learn how to manage your boundaries around dating, and how and when to express your needs and relationship goals which is heard and respected, to ensure you're not investing time in the wrong person.  

  • How to make on-line dating and texting work for you to attract your ideal match, and avoid the most common traps and turn offs. 


4. Smart Personalised Step by Step Action Plan 

  • Together we'll create a personalised, pro-active results orientated dating plan to comfortably stretch you out of your comfort zone and have quality dates.


  • We'll identify smart, selective action steps to create even more opportunities for you to attract and meet quality potential partners and have fun dates until you meet the one. 


  • I'll support you to create an on line dating profile that stands out and get's noticed by quality potential partners, and how to avoid the common mistakes that turn people off.


5. Truthful, No fluff, Support and Guidance and Action

  • I'll share the fundamental and often confused differences between how men and women, connect, feel attraction and communicate to avoid insecurity, confusion and give you more power.


  • You'll discover the most common Dating Traps and turn offs, preventing you from attracting a happy relationship, and how to avoid wasting your energy and time on the wrong potential partner. 

A few  words from some clients who went from uncertainty to clarity, and taking action towards their life and relationship goals 

How we work together 

We work together via skype/ facetime or in person.

This involves weekly or fortnightly value packed coaching sessions, followed by your implementation of the actions you'll decide on. These are supported with additional resources such as video mini- masterclasses and email support between your coaching sessions.

How long it takes

We design your coaching programme to suit your individual needs. Ultimately you are accountable for your results. We decide on the duration following your first dating success discovery call.  We go at your pace, as long as you are moving forward and taking action!

The Programme may take 3 sessions, 3 months or 6 months and will depend on:

  • where you are now on your dating journey
  • your mindset and how open you are
  • the transformation you'd like to make
  • your needs
  • how quickly you adapt to changes.
  • The frequency of our coaching calls. 
  • Any barriers and roadblocks you have preventing you from moving forward, which I help you overcome.  

You will begin to feel your transformation within the first few weeks, and lasting transformation within 3 - 6 months. The tools, knowledge, skills and confidence you gain are for life and are invaluable.   

Vip Exclusive - Intensive (Half Day or Fulls Days)

For clients not willing to delay their dating success, I provide a VIP intensive coaching option which involves short intensive coaching in one or two half days in person, or via skype. 

You be Judge. Let's talk!

Step 1. Schedule your no obligation 30  Minute Dating Success Discovery call. In order to make the most of our time together, with the highest value to you, please complete your mini questionnaire below so I can learn a little about you before our conversation. 

Step 2. Look out for an email from me within 48 hours at, with a link to schedule your 30 minute free Dating Success Discovery Coaching call via skype / facetime/ phone in my calendar at a convenient time for you

Step 3. At the time of your skype/facetime coaching call you call me. and we'll explore where you are now, what's missing, what's barriers, blind spots are holding you back, and uncover new opportunities to more forward. We'll also make sure we're the right fit to work together before you commit. 

Step 4. We'll get started. If you decide to work with me I'll tell you the exact steps. If you decide not to work with me, or we're not a perfect fit, I'll be happy to share other resources to help you get started. 

I'm excited to hear from you.